If you are searching for Missouri Sealcoat Products, LLC, you have found the site, but we are no longer in business. SealMaster of St. Louis has taken over our location and begun selling most of the products that they offer in Bridgeton, Mo. What does this mean for you? More options on sealer, better prices, and more tools.

If you have questions please call our central Missouri office located in Holts Summit, Mo at 573-415-7712 and talk to Gary. 

​​​​SealMaster of St. Louis, central Missouri store front is located at:

                                      1350 JONES POTTER DRIVE, HOLTS SUMMIT, MO.

                                                                    (TO FIND US ON GOOGLE MAPS - INTERSECTION OF STATE RD."OO" & COUNTY RD 391, HOLTS SUMMIT, MO.)

                                                                     (GOOGLE MAP)